Saturday, December 9, 2006

Another Reason We're Not Going With Blogger Beta

As most of you know, Janie and I are looking for a new home for UDreamOfJanie. We're pretty happy with our blog, but the problem is that Blogger is down all the time.

Now, I switched my account to the new Blogger Beta, to check it out, and Janie started a blog on WordPress with the hope that we could just import UDoJ and all it's contents and comments over there.

I don't like Blogger Beta. For one thing, it's down as often as the old Blogger.

Now here's another reason. Those pictures I put in all my posts only show up intermittantly. I like those pictures in my posts. That's why I put them there. Duh.

There are a few new things to the beta, like Labels, and the click and drag interface is kinda cool for rearranging things on the page, but it also makes it pretty hard to over ride things that I'd like to change just a little bit.

So we've decided to go with WordPress, and we'll be importing UDoJ (as soon as Janie gets the goddamned thing to work right) but not this blog. The importer doesn't work on the beta blogs. (We'll think about The Boy's blog, but probably not.) I don't know if I'll abandon this place entirely, but I'll mostly go back to contributing to UDoJ.

I got locked out of being able to contribute at UDoJ when I made the switch, and the switch is irreversible.

Crappy way to do things if you ask me.