Monday, December 11, 2006

You Know What (Else) Sucks?

The recent comments. On the old Blogger, Janie's script updates the recent comments immediately. On the new Blogger Beta, there's a way to just plug in the recent comments, which I did.

Here's what sucks. It works by some kind of feed thing, which takes like 8 hours to update sometimes. When you go to a page to see who's said something new, the first thing you look for is the recent comments, right? Who can fucking remember how many comments there were last time you checked every thread on every blog you've commented on?

I can't even remember every blog I've commented on in the last day!

Blogger Beta has some nice features, but its drawbacks outweigh its upgrades.

So ends my Monday morning bitching.

P.S. Also, I can't get rid of the "read the rest of my thought" thing on posts that don't have a rest of my thought (like this one). We can't seem to get the hack that Matt gave Janie for that for UDoJ working.

Ok, now I'm done.