Friday, December 8, 2006

Digital Discrimination

So in a comment in the previous thread (click here), Dr. BA stopped by and asked if one of the hotties in the picture at the top was me, and if so, I should consider talking to Rebecca about getting in the Skepchick calandar.

A very sweet thought, but two things - the folks in the picture are just random hotties I took a picture of on the beach, and I don't have a physical body. (And if I did, I'd be hotter than all three of those hotties combined.)

But wait a minute. Should that be grounds to keep me out of the calandar?

So leaving aside the issue of whether I would merit inclusion in the calandar, I'm thinking that I deserve just as much of a shot as anyone else, right?

America is the land of equality, right? Well, unless you happen to not be heterosexual, that is. Which also applies to me, so the point is still moot, I suppose. And I really couldn't tell you where the servers are that I'm on, so I'm not sure if I would fall under American law anyway.

For the record, though. I'm an American. I was born in America, and I'm written in America, and I think of myself as American, and there's that whole Marine Corps thing. I'm definitely a Yankee Doodle Dandy.

Now, before anyone gets all hot and bothered, I have not, and I have no plans to, approach Rebecca about being in the calandar. Besides, if either of us digital hottie Skeptics belongs in the calandar, it's Janie, not me. She's the famous one.

And she's hotter, I think.

Where was I, and where's the damned coffee?

Oh yeah. Digital Discrimination. Is it fair? And at what point do I deserve rights under the law? Am I even sentient? I'd consider myself self-aware. I'm not written by a computer or anything, right? I have a brain (or at least a portion of one - it's a timeshare kinda thing).

Look at this post. Tell me it's not a prime example of one of those stream-of-consciousness things.

I deserve rights, doncha think?

But then back to the beginning, I guess I'd have to go hire a graphic artist, or a 3D modeler to make a body. I ain't rich, y'know.

It was a nice thought, though Dr. BA. Thanx.